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Flourish Therapy offers a wide range of therapies which foster respect for you as a unique individual with your own specific needs

Therapy: Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing at Flourish Therapy

Flourish therapy offers all therapy under one roof.  Flourish Therapy has been designed to provide you with an effective treatment plan across a wide range of therapies including psychotherapy (also via Skype calls), hypnotherapy, personal training, massage therapy and Reiki healing while maintaining the highest professional standards, respecting you as a unique individual, offering you tailor-made help and guidance according to your current situation, your emotional and physical needs, your outlook on life, your spiritual beliefs and your hopes and dreams for the future.   Whether you are looking for psychotherapy / counselling, hypnotherapy, remedial massage, relaxing or invigorating massage, personal training or spiritual healing, Flourish Therapy has something of value to offer you.

Do you or a loved one suffer from anxiety, stress, debilitating anger, depression, addictions, eating disorders, weight problems, phobias?  Are you having trouble reconciling the death of a loved one? Do you lack motivation or need help in finding your focus in life? I can help you find strategies to enable you to cope with and to overcome the difficulties you face in life.  I use a combination of techniques which take into account the individual that you are and the goal(s) that you wish to achieve. You will be treated with respect and total confidentiality.  All therapies adhere to a strict code of conduct providing you with a first rate service.

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Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or use the Contact Us page to answer any questions you may have!

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I love working with people.  I think passion is apparent in my services.  Please click on the Treatments tab to view the dropdown menu and to see what is available to you.

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Please contact me for a free consultation.  Massage consultations require 15 mins prior to a paid treatment. Psychotherapy is a one hour free consultation with subsequent session booked in for a few days after consultation.  Hypnotherapy consultation takes place before a paid treatment.


“I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter who suffered from panic attacks at school and anxiety.  After an initial thorough consultation Kate helped her to learn coping strategies and gave her a range of activities and hypnotherapy cd’s to do between her sessions.  After approximately six sessions our daughter returned to her old self.
Would recommend Kate without doubt, extremely friendly, professional and kept us well informed.”  Mrs H, Suffolk
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I am a fully insured and Licentiate Member of the National Counselling Society and Hypnotherapy Society accredited by the Royal College of Nursing; a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council; a member of the British Holistic Medical Association; a member of the General Council for Massage Therapies holding a Certificate of Professional Membership from the International Council of Holistic Therapists duly elected by the Governing Council of the Federation of Holistics Therapists.  Members undertake to abide by the Code of Ethics, Bye-Laws and Disciplinary Procedures as laid down by the Federation in order to ensure the safety and well-being of clients.

Why choose Flourish Therapy?


Innovation from you!

A therapist continues to learn – it is a never-ending process.  I welcome all your suggestions and constructive criticism – it helps to make all future therapies even better.  Please refer your comments to the Contact Us page so that I can deal with them in a timely manner. Thank you!


Outstanding results

Read my Testimonials to see the success in my approach to therapy.  I am flexible, confidential and ultimately want the best for you. I will work around your timetable and make receiving therapy as easy as possible and timely for you.


Individualised therapy depending upon your unique needs

Each client receives the therapy which is best suited for each individual, respecting confidentiality and unique and individual quirks.  If you require psychotherapy / counselling and do not live locally, we can arrange therapy via a Skype call.


Further information

I set up Flourish Therapy as I want to deliver a unique and passionate approach to helping individuals find ways to cope with their difficulties, whether physical or psychological, and find inspiration and motivation to live their best lives possible.  I will always give you relevant information that I think may help you regardless of which therapy you attend.  All advice will be included within the hour / 90 minute treatment that you book.  Please refer to my Ts & Cs page to learn more.

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