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Kate Hartley

Kate Hartley


My Qualifications and Why They Are Important For You

“I take great pride in saying that I have been taught by some of the industry’s finest and my qualifications are evidence of that. Their exacting standards and required depth of knowledge enable me to pass on some of the very latest techniques to my clients. I can assure you of a tailor made, professional and effective treatment of the highest standards.” BA(Hons), ITEC Dip, Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PsyC

Please have a read through some of my qualifications:

Why Choose Flourish Therapy?


Innovation from you!

A therapist continues to learn – it is a never-ending process.  I welcome all your suggestions and constructive critism – it helps to make all future therapies even better.  Please refer your comments to the Contact Us page so that I can deal with them in a timely manner. Thank you!

Outstanding results

Read my Testimonials to see the success in my approach to therapy.  I am flexible, confidential and ultimately want the best for you. I will work around your timetable and make receiving therapy as easy as possible and timely for you.  I continuously update my qualifications and can assure you of a professional, effective, tailor-made approach according to your individual needs.


Individualised therapy depending on your unique needs

Each client receives the therapy which is best suited for each individual, respecting confidentiality and unique and individual quirks.

Further information

I set up Flourish Therapy as I want to deliver a unique and passionate approach to helping individuals find ways to cope with their difficulties, whether physical or psychological, and find inspiration and motivation to live their best lives possible.  I will always give you relevant information that I think may help you regardless of which therapy you attend.  All advice will be included within the hour / 90 minute treatment that you book.  Please refer to my Ts & Cs page to learn more.  To view photos of Flourish Therapy please click on Gallery

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