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Breakdowns into Breakthroughs with Cyndi Sanders


Flourish and Thrive Ep 18: Breakdowns into Dreams with Cyndi Sanders

In this episode of the Flourish and Thrive radio show, Kate Hartley interviews Cyndi Sanders, an expansion coach who helps her clients expand their perceptions, beliefs and understanding to manifest their best life dreams.

Breakdowns to Breakthroughs with Cyndi Sanders

by Kate Hartley | Flourish and Thrive | Coach on Fire

Cyndi talks about her own life’s challenges and how she has learned from them and translated her own experiences into effective therapy to help people achieve their very best in life.  Cyndi helps women discover their long term committed romantic partner; pursue their ideal livelihoods and find clarity in understanding how their beliefs and actions create their reality.

Plus, in the episode:

  • How she learned to recognize her own innate abilities and step out of the shadows which she had hidden in for so many years.
  • That our relationship with ourselves sets the tone for every other relationship in our lives.
  • Why seeking help can unlock the doors to infinite success and happiness.
  • We discuss the collaboration and experiences that lead to Cyndi’s involvement in her latest, best-selling book: Your Shift Matters: Breakdown to Breakthrough

More about Cyndi Robinson Sanders:

Cyndi is inspired by feeling and seeing people authentically serving others, thinking beyond self.  People pursuing their passions and lighting up the world with their spark.

She is the best-selling author of: Your Shift Matters: Breakdown to Breakthrough

She’s the creator of the exclusive Start My Money Flowing which offers 7 sessions to refocus your money mindset and take action to master the flow of money by investing in yourself to create positive habits that create magic everywhere in your life.

Cyndi’s favourite quote is one of her own:

When I herd my life one step at a time – I feel more successful!  When I try to bite off more than I can chew … I choke!

For more on Cyndi, visit:

Facebook: @CoachCyndiSanders
Book: Your Shift Matters

Breakdowns to Breakthroughs with Cyndi Sanders

by Kate Hartley | Flourish and Thrive | Coach on Fire


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