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Do You Know Why You Need To Prioritize Sleep?


Do You Know Why You Need To Prioritize Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is so vital to our health, because it’s during our Zs hours that our bodies get on with a long list of inner housework and when you’re sleep deprived, your bod misses out on enough time to repair muscles, enhance your memory, release the RIGHT hormones, regulate metabolism and so on.

What’s more, do you know that lack of sleep gives you blubber?! Yep! For three reasons, that I’m currently aware of:

1 – Going to bed late increases your chances of late night snacking.

2 – When you’re tired the following day, your blood sugars are all over the place, causing you to reach for the carbs and convenience food, all of which just love helping you design a luscious doughnut ring around your middle.

3 – When you’re sleep deprived, you release more of the stress hormone, cortisol which holds onto fat in a bid to protect your body.

We all have different needs

We all differ in the amount of sleep we need – and that amount also varies with different life stages. Teenagers need loads more than older people because their brains are still developing like mad. Your teen isn’t necessarily “lazy” when they sleep until mid morning.

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury.  You need to prioritize sleep.  Sleep deprivation is even used as a form of torture! So make sure you prioritze sleep. It’s essential for your mental and physical health and if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s just as useful as watching what you eat and working out regularly.

How many hours sleep keep you vibrant and sparkling?


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