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Gut Instincts with Lara Jezeph


Flourish and Thrive Ep 13: Healthy Gut Instincts with Lara Jezeph

In this episode of the Flourish and Thrive radio show, Kate Hartley interviews Lara Jezeph, Gut Health Coach.

Having struggled with depression and a variety of illnesses during her 20s, Lara decided to educate herself about which foods and drinks were good and bad for her.  She is now a personal trainer, life coach and specializes in gut health.  She also enjoys vibrant health.

Lara is a firm believer that if we feed our bodies what they need and are mindful of our lifestyle choices, we should be able to maximise our health and live energetic and well-balanced lives. As a result of her own experiences as well as qualifying as an expert in her field, Lara has created a program called Gut Instincts to help you overcome your digestive challenges and enjoy vibrant health.

Plus, in the episode:

  • How Lara discovered her own food intolerances.
  • How poor nutritional choices lead to poor health and the signs to look out for.
  • The importance of promoting good bacteria in the gut.
  • The value of lightening up and looking for humour to enhance our lives.
  • Her signature program called Gut Instincts.

More about Lara Jezeph:

Lara came runner up in a body building bikini contest! She’s also writing her first book – title yet to be announced.  Lara will hopefully come back on the Flourish and Thrive show during her book launch and explain more early next year!

Lara runs a weekly bootcamp, so if you’re in Lara’s vicinity, give her a shout and join up to achieve peak fitness and a body you’re proud of.

Lara’s top 3 insights:

  1. Everyone is over thinking health with quick fixes, pills, medication, new exercises etc.  It doesn’t need to be this way.
  2. Your gut and mind health are the most important factors in achieving a healthy, balanced life.
  3. Be happy and enjoy every moment. If you’re not, change it!

Lara’s favourite quote is by Sir Richard Branson:

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” 

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