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Hot and Cold Stone Massage at Flourish Therapy

Let your stress and tension ease away….

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Stone therapy uses geothermotherapy which is a combination of the use of hot and cold stones on the body during a massage in order to bring about physiological and psychological benefits. It is one of the most deeply relaxing massage treatments available. It combines the use of basalt (hot) stones and the use of marble (cold) stones to create a yin and yang balance of opposites, embracing both the spirit and the physical body. Healing of the mind and body is greatly enhanced when in a state of deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The hot stone massage helps the muscles and connective tissue to relax by reducing the spasticity in the tissues which allows for a deeper manipulation and treatment of the soft tissues.  The heat from the stones penetrates deeper into the tissues than a standard remedial massage, thus allowing for a more effective treatment while at the same time offering comfort and relaxation.  This approach is extremely calming as well as very effective.

Cold Stone Massage Therapy

The cold stones help to reduce inflammation and revitalise the area being treated. They stimulate the nervous system and when used in combination with the hot stones, create a cleansing effect within the body. They have an analgesic effect causing the body to release prostaglandin which allows deeper work around problem areas. They also reduce the amount of histamine in the body which causes irritation to stressed muscles, thereby helping the muscles to relax and to be treated more effectively.

Consultation and Treatment

The first session will last approximately 15 minutes longer than following sessions. It will include a free initial consultation during which I will ask you some health and lifestyle questions in order to provide you with a relevant and effective treatment. You will always be covered with towels, except for the specific part of the body being worked upon. I will take the utmost care to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease during your treatment.   A full body hot and cold stone massage can take 90 minutes or 60 minutes. Please refer to the pricing page and FAQs page for further information.

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