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How You Need Exercise To Be Your Best And Vibrant You


How you need exercise to be your best and vibrant you

There are lots of great reasons to exercise.  Your physical body gets conditioned and fit. What’s more, your heart gets healthier and it helps you keep the weight off.  But exercise is so much more! It keeps your mind vital, energised and sane.  Exercise helps you deal with the stuff that life throws at us.Save

Exercise boosts the health of the brain and body

Exercise affects the body, the mind and the emotions in equal measure.  Essentially, it lifts your spirits and gives you confidence.  And as your self-confidence grows, you become more courageous and take on challenges you may otherwise have resisted.

When you’re feeling boxed in, exercise helps you create some space. It revs you up when you feel dragged down.  Without exercise, you weaken your body’s ability to function at its best and your mind’s ability to focus on what matters.  Emotionally, you sabotage your own capacity to let things go. And you probably don’t look nearly as good as you could!

Ready to radiate?

However, how you look is far off the be all and end all, but it’s one of the best personal effects of working out regularly. Who wouldn’t prefer to feel leaner, stronger and more body confident?  Ultimately, people who work out regularly stand taller, have better posture, radiate a healthy, energised glow in their faces.  Essentially, they function as nature intended.

Exercise creates positive organic transformation

When you’re using your body well, external change happens organically because you’re transforming your state on the inside. With regular practice the excess will disappear and your shape will appear.  And, just as with food, it’s not overnight, the change is gradual.

Done correctly, exercise is a powerful way to transform your physical, mental and emotional state.  Warming up the body and loosening the limbs almost always dissolves pain and tension, making way for a new outlook on life. That’s why its potential is extraordinary.  If you don’t already use exercise as a go-to remedy in times of stress, I encourage you to consider introducing it into your daily routine.

The transformation starts at the physical level.  Exercise makes you breathe more deeply, aids digestion and improves waste elimination.  Furthermore, it also encourages cellular renewal and improved sleep.

Exercise boosts your metabolism and keeps you clean

Your metabolism is boosted so that you not only burn food even better, you draw more nutrients from the things you eat.  Your circulation is increased which helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the cells while improving waste elimination. Even though it might sound counter-intuitive, exercise is one of the best ways of getting rid of fatigue.

Boost your immunity with exercise

You’ll enjoy better lymphatic circulation which will boost the immune system and help rid you of more toxins which will lead to you feeling more energized in your daily life.  Exercise is also beneficial for bone density and improving the production of synovial fluid which helps to keep your joints healthy and lubricated.

Exercise helps you hit the reset button

Exercise stimulates the production of feel-good hormones and creates what we call the relaxation response.  By more frequent and deeper breathing we reduce the heart rate, blood pressure and stimulate cellular healing.

As the different parts of your body release tension and are cleared of toxins, your mind does so as well.  Essentially, you clear the mental clutter.

By the end of a good workout, no matter how gentle or how tough, you can feel like you pressed your own reset button, making you feel calmer and more focused.

Don’t leave it too late!

Don’t wait for illness to hit home before you decide to start to take action to help yourself.  Ultimately what you eat and do with your body dictates the health you enjoy or don’t.  Getting healthy doesn’t need to be hard work.  And when you have people to support you on your journey, it’s even easier.

I’m here to help

Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals is one of the best things I do in my career.  What’s more, a healthy body keeps a healthy mind and vice versa.  Life isn’t a rehearsal, so when are you going to start treating it as the real deal?  It’s never too late to get started and I’m here to help.

Head over to my Facebook page and join my next free group to get you started. We’re a helpful, kind, non-judgemental community who will help you stay on track as well as give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your health.

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