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Welcome to Flourish Therapy's Massage Treatments

Thank you for visiting Flourish Therapy!  Please take your time exploring the massage therapy treatments on offer to you!


Massage Therapy available at Flourish Therapy

Most of my clients benefit from a combination of techniques depending on what their issues are.  Most people require some deeper techniques to the neck, back and shoulder areas, and sometimes on the legs.  Each session is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

Please click the active links above to be taken to the specific massage therapy page of your choice.

Please refer to the pricing page and FAQs for further information.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces the effects of cellulite
  • Cleanses your body by flushing out toxins
  • Relaxes tired and stressed muscles
  • Improves state of mind
  • Massage therapy helps to release emotional blockages

Consultation and Treatment

You will be treated with respect at all times in a warm and caring environment.  During the massage therapy you will be covered with towels, except for the area being worked on.

Please call 0771 974 6162 to arrange an appointment or click here to send an email.

I have been receiving weekly hand massages from Kate for several months now. I have cancer and cannot tolerate a full massage, but find enormous relief by the time that Kate has finished massaging my hands.  Her massages make my fingers less painful and more able to move.  I also feel happier and more relaxed whenever I have received a treatment. I can highly recommend her. Mr H, Age 60-70

Ipswich, Suffolk

It’s an absolute treat to have a massage from Kate.  I get aches and pains, and Kate’s massages, which concentrate on specific areas of tension, help manage my symptoms.  Each time she varies her techniques and the hot stones are great! Kate really knows her stuff, and I leave feeling relaxed and my body at ease. Susie, Age 30-40

Teacher, Suffolk

I am happy to recommend Kate Hartley for massage and hot stone therapy. I have been having regular monthly sessions for over 2 years and when my masseuse was unavailable, Kate was kind enough to offer me an appointment. She very quickly identified some problem areas, without prompting, and worked methodically and extremely effectively to ease my aches and pains.  Kate is very calm and precise in her approach and I was immediately at ease.  I think I even nodded off at one point  All in all it was a great massage.  I left relaxed, free from aches and pains and completely de-stressed.  I hope to return for further treatment very soon. Thank you Kate. Paul K, Age 50-60

Decorator, Builder, Essex

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