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Mini Series: EFT Tapping When A Relationship Ends


Mini Series: EFT Tapping ‘When A Relationship Ends’

Hi and welcome to the EFT Tapping Mini Series.  This is the second part of my tapping mini-series and focuses on removing the emotional sting of when a relationship ends.  If you’re just learning about tapping and how it can benefit your life, take a look at my Tapping Introduction article first which covers the basics of EFT Tapping as well as giving you a diagram to illustrate the tapping points.

After each statement, I leave a short gap so you can use your own words if you prefer.  Or you can repeat the same phrase I use for added measure.

To listen to and take part in this EFT Tapping session, click the audio player below and we’ll get to work.  If you would like to read the transcript of the EFT Tapping ‘When A Relationship Ends’ audio, click the download link beneath the audio link.

In this EFT Tapping Meditation you will:

  • Identify the key emotions surrounding the negative memories you recall.
  • Delve deep into each memory to recall as many of the senses associated with the memory as possible.
  • Do through three rounds of tapping on the negative memory.
  • Check in and rate the intensity of the emotion after tapping.
  • Set up positive phrases to help consolidate the tapping rounds.
  • Spend a few moments in peace and calm to reflect or continue to tap.

There are more EFT Tapping audios to come, so make sure you revisit again soon.  Also, if you have any questions or want me to create a tapping strategy specifically for your issue, leave me a comment in the box below.

Happy Tapping!

Mini Series: EFT Tapping When A Relationships Ends

by Kate Hartley | Mini Series: EFT Tapping


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