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Power Up Your Happiness With A Positive Environment


Power up your Happiness with a Positive Environment

How important is our environment to our mental health?  I woke up this morning to such a pretty view across the countryside. The sky was lit up with swathes of ethereal pinks and blues.  The grass was covered in tiny droplets of sparkling dew.  It was magnificent.

When I jumped out of bed I was filled with enthusiasm to make this a good day, because I’m so lucky to wake up somewhere so beautiful and safe.

One of my top values is that of freedom.  I love wide open spaces, fresh air and a natural environment.  Trees are my big thing.  Importantly for me, to be surrounded by huge swathes of emerald green grass, pockets of woodland and large skies gives me enormous pleasure.

The invisible effect of our environment

Our surroundings affect us on a deep level, and often you might not be aware of that impact. Is your bedroom simply a place where you stuff a load of stuff, shut your eyes and leave again in the morning? Or is it somewhere that feels like a safe, comfortable sanctuary?  The affect it may have on you is invisible, but it’s there.

I don’t work in a specific spot in the house.  My study is reserved for my face to face clients and as it has no view.  I don’t work in there when I’m by myself.  So, it depends upon the weather as to which room I set up as my office for that day. By doing this I can benefit from the most amount of sunlight streaming in through the windows or the view into the garden and pond when it’s raining.  And by strategically placing my office, I am more productive and enjoy my day more.

Make your environment a catalyst for positivity

So make sure you spend time in those places that energize you whenever possible.  Your environment can be somewhere which helps you cope with the stresses of everyday living, or it can become a catalyst for overwhelm.  This applies to every aspect of your life.  In essence your home, the place you live in – city or countryside, your friends, colleagues, job, even your relationship with your significant other create your environment.

So, choose wisely, and wherever possible, make it the right environment for you.


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