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Restoring The Joy of Living at Flourish Therapy

Thank you for visiting Flourish Therapy!  Please read below for further information on the psychotherapy and counselling sessions we offer.

Whatever your problem, we are here to help and advise you.

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How psychotherapy / counselling can help you:

Is your life being affected by problems you seem unable to resolve? Are you stressed, suffering from anxiety, feeling as though you are not achieving what you want to? Are you having relationship difficulties, suffering from physical and/or emotional complaints, having trouble sleeping? Have you suffered a trauma or a bereavement which is having a continuous negative impact on your life?

If so, I may be able to help you. The therapy I offer is positive, solution-focused and integrative which means that I combine various models of counselling and techniques that suit you best. Therapy is tailored to you and your needs, whatever they are.  You will be treated with total confidentiality and respect in our mutual aim to help you achieve your goals.

I believe in resolving your issues in the most effective way possible and may suggest various hypnotic sessions to help boost your recovery or to help you achieve your goals.  Any hypnotherapy which takes place within a psychotherapy / counselling session is free of charge.

You may not know what it is that is bothering you and that is where I can help you. By reading this page you are acknowledging you may require support of some sorts. Please call me for a free, no-obligation consultation.  Further information can be found in the FAQ page.

Consultations can take place in person, or if reaching me is difficult, we can arrange a skype or telephone call instead.  I have several clients overseas and will work around your time zone.

I am seeing an increasing number of teenagers with anxiety related issues and for this reason, I am creating a downloadable course which may be of interest to you and your teen.  If you have an interest in this product, please click on the Anxious Teens sign-up form to register your interest as well as leaving me any comments about issues you would like me to include.


Click the image to the right to be taken to the

Anxious Teens sign up form.


Anxiety is treatable!

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Benefits of Psychotherapy / Counselling

  • Therapy can help you resolve issues which have happened in the past and are still affecting your life today
  • Your sleep can be vastly improved
  • You can learn coping strategies to deal with life’s difficulties
  • You can find a new energy for the life you lead
  • You can begin to take control of where your life is taking you
  • You can develop motivation and inspiration to live your best life possible
  • You can become the role model you want to be to your children

Consultation and Treatment

Prior to psychotherapy, I offer a one hour free consultation.  All information you provide remains confidential, whether you continue with psychotherapy or not.  The consultation will enable me to discuss your goals and to design a treatment plan for you, should you wish to embark upon therapy with me. There is no obligation to undertake therapy with me following the consultation should you wish not to proceed.  Please refer to the FAQs page for further information or feel free to contact me:

Please call 0771 974 6162 to arrange an appointment or Click Here to send an email.

I found Kate online when I was looking for help to reduce my alcohol intake. She is friendly and extremely easy to talk to. She helped reduce my alcohol intake in just one session which has changed my life for the better. Her approach puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. Taking the first step to deal with my problem was difficult enough, Kate made me see how I could change and gave me valuable techniques which enables me to still enjoy drink but not excessively. She is passionate about helping people and I would advise anyone with any problems to try hypnotherapy as it really does work.

Anon, Male, Age 30-40

Founder, Own Co.

I was self-harming myself regularly and couldn’t handle stressy situations very well.  Kate has hypnotised me and given me therapy to help me learn to cope with the things that stress me out.  It has really helped and I don’t self-harm anymore and what’s more I’m beginning to enjoy life again. From Mum of daughter: Kate has a relaxed and fun approach but at the same time really understood my daughter’s problems.  She has communicated with me well throughout the therapy and although she can’t tell me what my daughter said during the sessions, I felt very included in the therapy itself.  I wish I had found her earlier. Anon, Female, Age 15-20


I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter who suffered from panic attacks at school and anxiety.  After an initial thorough consultation Kate helped her to learn coping strategies and gave her a range of activities and hypnotherapy cd’s to do between her sessions.  After approximately six sessions our daughter returned to her old self. Would recommend Kate without doubt, extremely friendly, professional and kept us well informed. Mrs H


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