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Take a look at some of my client’s testimonials:

It’s an absolute treat to have a massage from Kate.  I get aches and pains, and Kate’s massages, which concentrate on specific areas of tension, help manage my symptoms.  Each time she varies her techniques and the hot stones are great! Kate really knows her stuff, and I leave feeling relaxed and my body at ease.

Susie, Age 30-40

Teacher, Suffolk

I have been training with Kate for a year now and she has a very good understanding of what it is that I need in order to achieve the results I desire. She has a fantastic attitude which aids with the motivation of exercising. When I met Kate I was unfit and had no idea of where to start with any training. Kate encouraged me to set goals and achieve them. I will continue to train with Kate and would highly recommend her if you need a trainer.

Anon, Male, Age 30-40

CEO, Suffolk

I found Kate online when I was looking for help to reduce my alcohol intake. She is friendly and extremely easy to talk to. She helped reduce my alcohol intake in just one session which has changed my life for the better. Her approach puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. Taking the first step to deal with my problem was difficult enough, Kate made me see how I could change and gave me valuable techniques which enables me to still enjoy drink but not excessively. She is passionate about helping people and I would advise anyone with any problems to try hypnotherapy as it really does work.

Anon, Male, Age 30-40

Founder, Suffolk

Through a combination of gentle massage, hypnotherapy and counselling, Kate helped to take some out of the fear I felt when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She understood what I was going through and has been such a comfort to me during my illness.  I highly recommend her services.

Mrs H, Age 60-70

Ipswich, Suffolk

I was self-harming myself regularly and couldn’t handle stressy situations very well.  Kate has hypnotised me and given me therapy to help me learn to cope with the things that stress me out.  It has really helped and I don’t self-harm anymore and what’s more I’m beginning to enjoy life again.

From Mum of daughter: Kate has a relaxed and fun approach but at the same time really understood my daughter’s problems.  She has communicated with me well throughout the therapy and although she can’t tell me what my daughter said during the sessions, I felt very included in the therapy itself.  I wish I had found her earlier.

Anon, Female, Age 15-20


Kate became our personal trainer about three months ago. We were both a little overweight and wanted to tone up and slim down.  She travels to see us as we work long hours and we share the session together.  She shows us how to improve our core strength and get better muscle tone.  She knows loads of information about what to eat and how to get the best out of our lives, so it’s not just a personal trainer session – we learn loads from her.  We are both feeling fitter and much happier in our lives.

Jenny and Sam, Ages 20-30

Brentford, Essex

I have advanced bowel cancer and find moving around very difficult, especially sitting down.  Kate is always patient and kind.  She treats me with hour long Reiki sessions which I find very helpful. I feel more relaxed after the treatment and find my pain has reduced. She has also found old injuries on my body from the sensations she can pick up from when she treats me.

Mrs P, Age 50-60


I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter who suffered from panic attacks at school and anxiety.  After an initial thorough consultation Kate helped her to learn coping strategies and gave her a range of activities and hypnotherapy cd’s to do between her sessions.  After approximately six sessions our daughter returned to her old self.

Would recommend Kate without doubt, extremely friendly, professional and kept us well informed.

Mrs H


I have been receiving weekly hand massages from Kate for several months now. I have cancer and cannot tolerate a full massage, but find enormous relief by the time that Kate has finished massaging my hands.  Her massages make my fingers less painful and more able to move.  I also feel happier and more relaxed whenever I have received a treatment. I can highly recommend her.

Mr H, Age 60-70

Ipswich, Suffolk

I am happy to recommend Kate Hartley for massage and hot stone therapy. I have been having regular monthly sessions for over 2 years and when my masseuse was unavailable, Kate was kind enough to offer me an appointment. She very quickly identified some problem areas, without prompting, and worked methodically and extremely effectively to ease my aches and pains.  Kate is very calm and precise in her approach and I was immediately at ease.  I think I even nodded off at one point  All in all it was a great massage.  I left relaxed, free from aches and pains and completely de-stressed.  I hope to return for further treatment very soon. Thank you Kate.

Paul K, Age 50-60

Decorator, Builder, Essex

Kate, We only knew you for a short time, but it seems much longer. You came into our lives, it was meant to be. When we first met you, we both said what a loving and caring person you are, a very special one. [Wife’s name] so looked forward to attending your massage sessions, she told me that they were special and meaningful and when you gave [Wife’s name] the present, she had a beautiful smile across her face, which I had not seen for a while … treasure them forever. I didn’t know that time would come so soon. I believe [Wife’s name} guardian angel helped find you. You helped her find that inner strength, confidence and gave her love and respect.. [Wife’s name] is always with me wherever I go and I do hope that you do not disappear from our lives, now that we have found you.

Husband of wife I helped in Hospice


Thank you for taking such good care of our Mum while she was living her last days.  She recognised the light that shines from deep within you, and that light is what helped to bring her peace on her final day.  You were able to settle her when she was agitated and provided relief for not only my Mum, but for our family who were with her at her bedside.  Thank you.

Daughter of lady I helped in Hospice

High-performance coach

I came to see Kate when I was finding life helpless and confusing.  She is easy to talk to and has a wealth of strategies she was able to share with me to help me find clarity in my life and to also help some of my family members who would not consider therapy.  I understand myself much better having spent some sessions with Kate.  I know what triggers various behaviours and have the tools to avoid slipping back into behaviour that wasn’t helping me to move forward in life.  I can highly recommend her to anyone.

Anon, Age 40-50

Marketing Executive

Kate has been in my life for a few years now.  I’m a recovering drug addict and have eating problems.  She’s helped me to turn my life around and to finally get off the drugs.  She’s really easy to talk to and she makes me feel valued and worth something, even when I hate myself.  She makes me feel much more positive when I’m with her and that lasts for quite a while after each session.  I know I’ve not been the easiest client for her to handle, because the drugs have been difficult for me to kick, but I think I’m there this time.  I know I will have problems throughout life, but with Kate’s help and support, I know I stand a good chance of finally doing something I can be proud of.  Give her a go if you’re considering getting help. She knows what she’s doing.

Anon, Age 20-30


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