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Thai Yoga at Flourish Therapy

Promote healthy energy flow throughout your body.  Assisted yoga to help you beyond your limits!

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What can Thai Yoga massage do for me?

Thai yoga massage is the stimulation of the principal acupressure lines along the body combined with assisted, yoga-like stretching designed to encourage the free flow of energy via a pumping action which is connected with the client’s breathing. The combination of working the acupressure points along the sen lines as well as combining the acupressure points with yoga-like stretches results in a comprehensive full body treatment which relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

What is involved in a Thai Yoga session?

Thai yoga is a meditative practice.  It is performed in an atmosphere of calm meditation.  It does not involve oils or creams and both client and practitioner wear loose comfortable clothing allowing for ease of movement and flexibility.  The treatment is carried out on the floor on a mat instead of a massage table. In Thai yoga massage, the treatment can last from around one to two and half hours depending on your requirements or your wishes which we will discuss at your consultation.   A good stretch and rejuvenation can be achieved within a one hour treatment, but to enable full flow of energy and complete relaxation and stretching it is advisable to allow as much time as possible for the treatment.

The Magic Behind the Science…

Traditional Thai yoga massage can be traced back 2,500 years. It is a unique, traditional and powerful style of massage incorporating influences from India, China and Thailand. The foundation of Thai yoga massage is based upon the concept of energy lines running through the body through which the body’s vital life force flows as well as a series of yoga-based stretches. You may have heard of energy referred to as prana in Sanskrit, chi in Chinese and palang sak in Thai. According to Thai tradition there are 72,000 energy lines running through the body. This number should not be taken literally. In traditional Buddhism 72,000 is a way of signifying an infinite amount.

In Thai yoga massage we focus on 10 principle energy lines along which are significant acupressure points. The energy lines are of critical importance. By applying pressure with the use of thumbs, palms, feet or elbows along these energy lines it is possible to treat a range of diseases or relieve pain which is caused by blockages or disturbances along these lines.

Blockages, whether emotional or physical, can disrupt the flow of our life energy which can lead to sickness and disease. Working on these pressure points can clear the blockage encouraging a free flow of vital force allowing the body and mind to be restored to balance, health and harmony.

Thai yoga is a contemplative practice. Its strong links to Buddhism denote a loving kindness and devoted Thai yoga therapists will give the treatment in a spiritual and meditative state. The therapy will begin with a silent prayer in order for the therapist to ground and focus on the healing about to be given. The massage will be conducted with full awareness, concentration and mindfulness. The spirit in Thai yoga massage brings a magical and extremely calming aura to the treatment.

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