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Vitality with Emily, Stephie and Kate


Flourish and Thrive Ep 22: Vitality with the Beachbody Community

In this episode of the Flourish and Thrive radio show, Kate Hartley interviews Emily Brierley Gee, Stephanie Jenkins and gives her own account of how belonging to the Beachbody community has helped each of them overcome various struggles in their lives.  All three are Beachbody coaches and were part of the founding UK launch team as Beachbody hit UK shores in October 2017.

We discuss how the Beachbody community has helped overcome anxiety, kick an alcohol habit, control a binge-eating disorder, and more!

Vitality with Emily, Stephie and Kate

by Kate Hartley | Flourish and Thrive | Coach on Fire

Emily, Stephie and I share our stories with you and hope they may encourage you to look us up and consider joining us on our health journey.  Obesity is rising to epic proportions.  Mental health issues continue to rise.  We see ourselves as being on the front line of promoting health and wellness and our stories tonight help give you a glimpse into how much can be achieved in such a short space of time and how belonging to the Beachbody community has kept us accountable and able to achieve our own health and fitness goals.

Plus, in the episode:

  • How having achievable goals keeps you focused and on track.
  • The importance of having a strong support system.
  • How accountability is the magic ingredient to lifelong success.

Emily Brierley-Gee

Kate first talks with Emily Brierley-Gee.  Emily is a trainee solicitor who had completed several of the Beachbody fitness products before becoming a coach herself. She reveals how Beachbody has supported her through her binge-eating disorder by the spirit of community and a sense of accountability.

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Stephanie Jenkins:

Stephanie is a fitness professional who has swum the English Channel as part of a relay team! Spinning too many plates resulted in her suffering severe stress, panic attacks and high-performing anxiety. Stephanie tells us how belonging to a supportive community has helped her get the support she was lacking.

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Kate Hartley:

Kate Hartley reveals how Shakeology has helped her kick her wine habit for good and lose the menopausal mummy tummy she thought was there to stay. How accountability as a coach has motivated her to become her fittest yet as she gets ready to embark on a new 80 Day programme launching in January 2018.

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Vitality with Emily, Stephie and Kate

by Kate Hartley | Flourish and Thrive | Coach on Fire

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